Aqua Options  has extensive experience in all sectors of  the construction industry.  We employ highly skilled  construction staff  who are experienced in leveraging our  advanced internal systems and structures to customise  and tailor solutions to fit the circumstances of each client  and achieve their objectives.

We emphasise the importance of monitoring, reporting  and client communication throughout the project no matter how big or small.

Aqua Options are able to assist with:

  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Risk Identification and assessment
  • Regulatory and Legal requirements
  • Preparation of
    • Quality Plans
    • Construction Environmental Plans
    • Safety Plans
    • Incident Management Plans
    • Procurement Advice and Management

Our Company’s capabilities include:

  • Site Mobilisation and Preparation
  • Service Installation including :
    • Open Cut Excavation,
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Auger  and Thrust Boring
    • Slip Lining
    • Pipe Cracking and Bursting
    • Pipe Jacking
  • Traffic Management Plans and Control
  • Plant Hire
  • Concrete Structures
  • Supply of Concrete and Quarry Products
  • Permanent Restoration
  • Site Demobilisation

Our Construction Deliverables consist of:

  • Project Monitoring
  • Quality Safety and Environmental Audits
  • Works as executed plans
  • Inspection and Test Plans
  • Construction Activity supporting documentation

Aqua Options approach is to invest the time in recognising the key criteria for each project and deliver a client focused solution on time and within budget.

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